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I have been contemplating re-installing my main OS. Currently I'm running Mint ( 14 - Cinnamon) and Windows 7. I have always wanted to install Gentoo , but I just can't bring myself to doing it, everything I read suggests it will take hours upon hours to install. Then there's the maintenance, apparently everything is compiled at install time, which can increase installation times.


I have been looking at Arch Linux , and I think this provides a good middle ground. You get to build a system running only what you configure and install, but it seems easier and less daunting that a full Gentoo install.

One thing I would like to highlight is that the DOCUMENTATION IS AMAZING , really really helpful, if you need to know it, it's in there. Check out the Beginners Guide if you need help getting going.

After 2 hours of work, here is what I have:

(It still needs a lot of work, this is simply the stock xfce, with chromium installed)

Something to note is that my previous install of Mint had encrypted my home folders with ecryptfs (standard ubuntu encryption). This was easily used with my new install by following the Auto-Mount steps in this ecryptfs Arch Guide