Conky Config


I have had a couple of queries regarding my conky config that can be seen on my new arch desktop screenshot:

In order to recreate this config you will need the Conky-Colors , conky-nvidia and lm_sensors packages

Here is the conky config file (feel free to copy as needed):

wlp4s0 and enp3s0f0 are the network device IDS, so you will need to substitute your own. If you would like to modify the icons then they can be found in the conky-colors TTF files on helmuthdu's github repository


I'm sure there's a better way of getting the CPU temps. Please let me know if this is the case. I'm not sure that the Ethernet if else statements are working correctly.


There is some Lovely conky-colors deviant-art by helmuthdu . Further information on this project cna be found at helmuthdu's github conky-colors repository